"Swedes will smell lovely this Christmas!" - Perfume is the gift most likely to be found under your Christmas tree in 2022

CDON, the leading marketplace in the Nordics, has analyzed customer data for 2022 and can now announce the Christmas gift of the year - the perfume.

Today, the marketplace CDON reveals the product that will top the wishlist of Swedes in 2022. By analyzing data collected from the Company's approximately 2 million customers, CDON can already reveal what is likely to be this year's Christmas gift - perfumes in various price ranges and scents from mixed brands.

CDON has analyzed their customers' search behavior, noting a rising interest in perfume. This interest has accelerated further during the autumn, with a doubled search frequency, compared to the previous year. Furthermore, the Company has studied the traffic (number of visitors) to perfume-related landing pages, which grew by approximately 26% compared to 2021.

- Thanks to our extensive customer data, we can pick up on trends and changes in Swedes' shopping behavior. Perfume has been a popular category for many years, especially during Christmas time, and this year we have noticed an even greater interest from our customers already in autumn. Among other things, sales of gift sets and advent calendars with fragrances have increased significantly. This is incredibly exciting to see, as health and beauty is a category that we have prioritized during 2022, says Stephanie Andersson, Category Manager at CDON.

Among CDON's approximately 2 million customers, the distribution between women and men is relatively even. The age distribution is also similar, with slightly more customers in the 25-34 and 35-44 age groups. The even demographic distribution is also rather well-reflected in the perfume category, with some female predominance. More than 100 active merchants are offering over 40 000 fragrances, making CDON's perfume assortment the largest in the Nordics.

- We are proud to have, in collaboration with leading players such as Stylingagenten, Nordicfeel, and Bangerhead, the widest range of perfumes in the Nordic countries. Thanks to our assortment, our customers have an incredible choice regarding fragrance groups, brands, and price ranges. There is a scent for everyone, making perfume the perfect Christmas gift. Swedes will smell lovely this Christmas, comments Stephanie Andersson.

Miami Blossom by Escada tops the sales list for 2022, followed by fragrances by Ralph Lauren and Madonna. Compared to the previous year, CDON has experienced increased sales of perfumes in more affordable price ranges. The trend could be related to the current economic situation, which has affected the households' disposable income. Perfumes at more affordable prices might be a way to add some spark to everyday life, in a rather price-conscious way, when the budget is getting tighter.

Top 10 Perfumes:

  1. Escada - Miami Blossom
  2. Ralph Lauren - Big Pony Pink
  3. Madonna - So Sweet
  4. Dolce & Gabbana - L'Imperatrice
  5. Calvin Klein - CK Free for Men
  6. David Beckham - Intimately for Him
  7. Calvin Klein - Obsession
  8. Escada - Celebrate N.O.W.
  9. Jennifer Lopez - Glow
  10. Britney Spears - Midnight Fantasy


The data collection and analysis have been conducted by CDON, via the study of (1) landings on the Company's website from external sources (e.g., Google), (2) the number of perfume-related page views on CDON, the number of sessions, and percentage of total traffic. The Company has also examined (3) data from the internal search engine, (4) the number of favorite selections of, for the study, relevant products, and (5) sales statistics from January to November 2022 and the same period of the previous year. The methodology for selecting the Christmas gift of the year is an average based on the just mentioned data sources.

Data collection, analysis, and compilation of the statistics were performed by CDON, in November 2022.

About CDON

CDON was founded in 1999 and is now the biggest marketplace in the Nordic region. Customers can choose to buy and compare prices for millions of products at CDON, by far the widest range of all Nordic e-retailers. Over 1,500 merchants use CDON's platform and technology to increase their sales. This gives CDON a wide range of products within, movie, music, computers, games, office supplies, books, toys, consumer electronics, household appliances, sport, outdoor, beauty care, fashion, shoes, computers, and computer products. CDON is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market with the abbreviation CDON.


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