Why invest?

CDON is the leading local marketplace in the Nordic region. We are a technology company that helps more than 1500 merchants sell millions of products to our two million customers.

Retail in the Nordics is rapidly becoming more digital and retailers are looking for new channels and tools to drive sales. We meet this need with our vision of simplifying digital commerce for Nordic e-retailers and customers.

CDON has for several years attracted an increasing number of retailers, which has increased our range and improved conditions for consumers. That in turn attracts more visitors in a positive spiral that drives continued growth.

CDON's marketplace is scalable. The model allows us to grow without investing in our own stock, which limits our capital needs and risk.

CDON is a technology company with a data-driven view of marketing, sales and logistics. By being at the forefront of technological developments, we continue to renew Nordic retail.


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Carl Andersson CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

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