Bulletin from Extraordinary General Meeting on 25 October 2022 in CDON AB

At the Extraordinary General Meeting ("the EGM") in CDON AB ("CDON" or "the company") held on 25 October 2022, which was conducted solely through postal voting pursuant to temporary legislation, the following resolutions were made. All resolutions were in accordance with the submitted proposals, described in detail in the EGM documents available on the company's website, investors.cdon.com (under the heading "EGM Oct 2022" in the section "Corporate Governance").

Election of a new Board member

The EGM resolved on new election of David Bradley Hathaway (known as Brad Hathaway) as member of the Board of Directors for the period until the end of the next Annual General Meeting. Brad Hathaway has replaced Savneet Singh as Board member and the Board of Directors consists, for the period until the end of the next Annual General Meeting, of Josephine Salenstedt (Chair), Jonas Calles, Niklas Woxlin, Kristina Lukes, Jonathan Sundqvist and Brad Hathaway.

Determination of fees for the new Board member

The EGM resolved that an annual fee to the new Board member shall amount to SEK 200,000 and be paid in cash. However, the new Board member's remuneration for the Board work and any work within the Board's committee(s) will only be paid pro rata in relation to the length of the new Board member's assignment period (i.e., from the date of election until the end of the next Annual General Meeting).

Apart from the aforesaid, the Board fees resolved upon by the Annual General Meeting 2022 shall remain unchanged.

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About CDON

CDON was founded in 1999 and is now the biggest marketplace in the Nordic region. Customers can choose to buy and compare prices for millions of products at CDON, by far the widest range of all Nordic e-retailers. Over 1,500 merchants use CDON's platform and technology to increase their sales. This gives CDON a wide range of products within, movie, music, computers, games, office supplies, books, toys, consumer electronics, household appliances, sport, outdoor, beauty care, fashion, shoes, computers, and computer products. CDON is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market with the abbreviation CDON.


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