Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

CDON is an innovator when it comes to e-commerce. We were pioneers when we founded CDON back in the 1990s, and now we’re reinventing the industry once again by gathering more than 1,500 retailers in our marketplace. We’re now the leading digital marketplace in the Nordics, with more than two million active customers. During our first 20 years of business, we focused on purchasing, warehousing and logistics, but we have since changed our business model to instead become a tech company that helps others sell their products online.

Before, we needed a lot of capital in order to buy products to keep in stock. Today, we use talent and creativity to develop new digital services to help others succeed in their sales. Our vision is to make digital trade easier for Nordic e-retailers and customers. By attracting more retailers, consumers have more products to choose from, which are offered on better terms, which in turn attracts more visitors to our marketplace and results in an upward spiral that drives our continued growth.

The new CDON is a scalable marketplace that offers participating retailers an efficient sales channel. Retailers join CDON to take advantage of our market position, traffic and tools to drive their own sales. We offer them an efficient, easily accessible and scalable platform with access to more than two million customers so that they can focus on their own core businesses. Consumers, on their end, turn to CDON to compare prices, products and do their shopping in a one-stop-shop online that contains millions of products, with easily comparable prices, easy payments and fast deliveries. We actively work to offer relevant products to help solve customers’ everyday problems. Our marketplace must be simple and easy to understand for everyone. In the past three years, we have made a lot of headway on that front.

We have now laid the foundation for growth and profitability, as well as for the development of new types of e-commerce services. Our employees are committed, driven and equipped with the right type of e-commerce competence. Together, we will always be pioneers in our industry, and we will continue to be a driving force within e-commerce in the Nordics.

Kristoffer Väliharju